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Favorite ThisBluetech: Basement Dubs EP Review

Published: August 5, 2013
By: Lisa Disinger

If you are on the up-and-up, then you may have already scored a leaked download from a file sharing site before today's official release date (I know, these sounds are just so tasty that you couldn't keep your hand out of the proverbial cookie jar before dinner), but for those of you who have appropriately exercised patience, you may now help yourselves to a delicious platter of metamorphic, progressive dub bass courtesy of Bluetech. Psybient producer Evan Bartholomew lays it down with Native State Records in a mid-tempo collection of sounds featuring evolving minimal soundscapes, futuristic moods, and a whole lot of sub.


BluetechThis five track EP is a well balanced mixture of unique remixes and genuine originals that capitalize on fragmented, staccato melodies woven into layers echoing depth with dub style reverberation. The timbral pallet here is highly refined, offering a little something more to those listeners with more delicate sensibilities when it comes to bass music, those who would prefer to keep their face on, smiling with intrigue and delight rather than having it melted and mopped around the floor. Crystalline bells shimmer in "Basement Dub" with buoyant, weightless bass that is anything but grounding, where as active oscillations take dub closer to step in the Abakus, "Cruise Control" remix, and we get a little bit of skankin' footwork in  "Carpet Breaker." Signature psychedelic time stretch and rubbery bubble sounds are abundant in track four, "Thrios," and "Imperium In Imperio" closes the listening experience gently with the soft undulation of glassy pads and a slow decrescendo. 


Along with other artists in the forefront of psychedelic mid to downtempo bass music, the productions of Bluetech are continuously playing with the equilibrium of organic vs. electronic, and the principals of this integration often stretch beyond the aural world into other realms of application. Take, for example, Evan's aspiration to have an electronic music studio powered by the sun's natural warmth, "...I'm trying to convert my studio to a solar powered off grid space, to live in integrity with my beliefs and be a responsible musician doing everything I can to honor and care for my wild and gorgeous planet. If only ten percent of my fans supported this release, I would be able to convert to solar power." So, be considerate about those oh-so-tasty cookies and give your respects to the baker!

Tags: Downtempo