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Favorite ThisBleep Bloop goes hard on The EP with Five Eyes

Published: October 6, 2016

By: Chris Conte

Bleep BloopOne of the Four Horseman of the Weird Bass scene (sorry, Aaron Triggs--I know you hate that), Bleep Bloop, has delivered a behemoth of an EP. Calling it The EP with Five Eyes works; it's apocalyptically heavy. By catching you off guard continuously throughout the tracks, he does induce some serious grimace face moments.

As your face contorts into shapes you didn't know existed, you'll be banging your head like a Slayer diehard. He uses a bit-crushed, lo-fi, terrifying sound palette, but manages to evoke this odd beauty all the while with cuts like "404" and "When Sound was Sound." Triggs has sculpted the epitome of strange and heavy.

You don't have to just imagine what these tunes sound like coursing through your favorite venue's system. If you're lucky enough you'll catch him, Perkulat0r, Shlump, and Liquid Stranger on their Weird and Wonderful tour, which continues up into the Pacific Northwest and Canada this weekend.

Tags: DubstepTrap