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Favorite ThisBleep Bloop drops Gun Chatta EP on SMOG Records, collabs with G Jones

Published: July 16, 2015

By: John Verwey

Bleep Bloop makes heavy bass music, with oscillating pews and pows coming from every direction. It's a welcomed combination of all his different facets rolled into his signature futuristic sound. This 2 song EP, Gun Chatta sported by SMOG Records, shoots pews of lasers and rays of light, as well as heavy bass into every one of your apertures. It is this outerspace dubstep bass hybrid with trap sounds. Oh and did we mention so much bleeping and blooping. The surprising nature of these tracks is exactly the kind of thing that keeps listeners engaged and wanting more.

Bleep Bloop kickstarts the EP with title track, opening with an echoing Rastafarian vocal sample into a liquid set of high hats. In the middle, he slows things down getting more liquid sounding with bouncing pews and laser gunshots from his vault.

"Kodos," featuring fellow heavy bass artist G Jones, smashed both of their signature styles into one song. G Jones' heavy bass synths sit atop Bleep Bloops trappy snares and electrifying pews.

Like any Bleep Bloop track, this 2 song EP keeps you on your toes, as you never know what sound is next. This is an excellent example of Bleep Bloop's bizarre future bass music


And for kicks, here's his latest collab with the main homie Yheti.

Tags: DubstepHip HopTrap