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Favorite ThisBirdy Nam Nam: Defiant Order

Published: January 21, 2013
By: Molly Gale

On Tuesday (Jan 22), Paris-based super group Birdy Nam Nam release their massive new track “Defiant Order” and our good friends at OWSLA were kind enough to include four amazingly individual remixes of this electro-hop gem by some of their favorite producers.

Birdy Nam Nam’s original starts out percussive and mechanic, eventually opening up into a steady, driving beat accented with rhythmic synth melodies and spacey vocal riffs.  If Chromeo and Daft Punk were to join forces, this is the brilliant blend of funk and hard electro that would result.  We don’t hate it.

Fellow Frenchie Thibaut Berland a.k.a. Breakbot highlights the funky elements of the original and transforms “Defiant Order” into an easy, calm groove that makes you want to get up and boogie.

Next is Miami-favorite DJ Craze with my personal favorite take on this track.  In his playful “Get Live” remix, Craze hangs on to the exciting edge of Birdy Nam Nam’s original while giving it a dose of the scratchy, hip-hop defiance that we’ve grown to expect from him.

UZ gives the track some mystery with this ominous drum & bass-flavored remix.  Decidedly the most electronic of all the versions, UZ has an incredible knack for slowing things down without losing any momentum. 

Rounding out this EP is the dynamic and complex DJ collective known as Block Beattaz.  Unlike the other remixes on this album, these guys take the original track and give it a TOTAL facelift.  This well-orchestrated version of “Defiant Order” is layered and cinematic, creating a hip-hop apocalyptic sound that is completely it’s own monster.  Birdy Nam Nam, who?

This EP is a lot of fun—each producer’s individual style is highlighted as they present their takes on this glittery electro-hop banger.  Congratulations to Birdy Nam Nam and everyone included on this awesome remix EP---turns out that being buddies with Sonny Moore has its perks.

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