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Favorite ThisBird of Prey releases Pathfinder/Metakinetic

Published: August 1, 2011

Bird of Prey is back for another double dose. Psytrance-producer-turned-bass-experimenter Torin Goodnight today released two more singles on Addictech, bringing his prolific output this year up a couple more notches. This time, he collaborated with sonic pioneer Robert Rich, whose early work influenced not only the IDM an new age scenes, but the industry as a whole.

"Pathfinder" takes the listener on a multi-faceted journey replete with gurgling bass and tender guitar melodies. It's layered approach does not result in overabundance, but contrarily, an eerie simplicity. The b-side comes across as a bit more on the evil side, due in part to Reznor-like beat, and tribal rhthms. While Goodnight spent the better part of the past couple of years experimenting with dubstep, it appears he's already moved beyond--pressing deeper, without sacrificing lyric grace.


Tags: BreaksDowntempoDrum and BassDubstepPsytrance