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Favorite ThisBingo Players want to "Knock You Out" [Out NOW on Hysteria Records[

Published: April 16, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Bingo PlayersDon't call it a comeback, but following the passing of Bingo Players' Paul Bäumer late last year after a prolonged battle with cancer, surviving member Maarten Hoogstraten had to make that solitary walk back into the limelight, and in doing so, make a statement.

"Knock You Out" is the resilient return Bingo Players fans were hoping for. It couldn't be a party anthem, or a flippant play for peak hour DJ sets--this had to come from the heart.

Riding high on soaring vocals and a pulsing groove, the echoes of loss, of hope, of tragedy and triumph reverberate off the walls of the cavernous room this piece fills. The gutsiness of this track powers through your speakers and tugs at your heartstrings.

It's fitting the cut comes out on BP's own label, Hysteria Records, where Bäumer spent much of his last months working hard to cultivate new artists while Hoogstraten took to the road. It is that endurance, that fortitude, the ability to dust one's self off and get back out there that will determine where the Bingo Players story goes next. But we know it's gonna be a knockout.

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Tags: ElectroHouse