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Favorite ThisBilly Blacklight Teams Up with Slim Thugz on "Sacred Swag"

Published: August 23, 2011

 The Minneapolis Monster, Billy Blacklight a.k.a. Profresher must've stumbled into the Slim Thugz lair and force-fed them crunk-juice until "Sacred Swag" popped out. This little banger opens with a Amazonian marimba run, that heads straight into the Thugz signature synth wash. A nice, low-key drop turns in on itself and then explodes outwards with an extra drum line. This twisty cut doesn't rip your head off, it just makes it nod uncontrollably.

With their two-track teaser, Frequent-C and Candyman added on their new track "Cryptobiotic Soil," an escalation of the duo's typical sound. The fluttery, panning synths are still there, but there is an extra intensity flowing out of the drug programmer. Perhaps a high-octane tempo, or extra stutters--it's something. At any rate, bit-crushed trills punctuate punchy melody lines with a panache and attitude of a coked-out JCP Penney model. Fierce!


Tags: Dubstep