Favorite ThisBillionaires Apparel starts with $500 and a dream

Published: July 4, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

With just $500 and a dream, Drew Burdick, along with his wife, supporters, and his biggest ally, Mr. Mayor, are taking Billionaires Apparel to the next level. An all-encompassing EDM lifestyle brand, Billionaires not only dishes out the best threads for fellow ravers, but hustles to propel artists, push the design envelope, and provide a 360-degree entertainment solution.

With the motto "Work hard, raver harder" narrating the brand's philosophy, the tongue-in-cheek name that stuck when four friends were dicking around on the UNC Charlotte campus has turned into a way of life for Burdick, the man that won't stop creating, and can't stop moving.

Check out the four EPs the label has released thus far, along with ten new artist-branded tops that'll turn heads and have people begging you to tell them where you snagged 'em. Just hit http://shop.billionaires.io/brand/records/ and dive in.

With major artists like Far Too Loud repping the looks and a hungry crowd growing in the mid-Atlantic, the brand seems poised to spread like wildfire. Check out Billionaires all over the web, spreading good tunes along with great threads to those who want to word hard and raver harder, too.


Tags: ElectroHouse