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Favorite ThisBig Gigantic - Let's Go!

Published: September 24, 2012
By: Molly Gale

Perhaps the highest-energy track we’ve herad from Big Gigantic this summer, “Let’s Go,” is the perfect blend of musicality and heavy hitting bass that we’ve grown to except from these Boulder boys. The track starts out calm before descending into a driving, 90s-ish dance beat that gets us a little nostalgic.  After the meticulous build, this track drops into beautiful blend of Dominic Lalli’s sexy saxophone skills and heavy, choppy dubstep.  Even in their most hefty bangers, Big Gigantic has an amazing way of maintaining an elegant, musical vibe that makes their sound distinct and unforgettable.

These boys have had a HUGE summer, which will culminate with their Rowdytown extravaganza at Red Rocks in CO on September 29th!  The evening will feature an impressive roster of supporting talent, a new stage set-up and some jaw-dropping projection mapping on the rocks (which, by the way, has never been done before).  In our humble opinion, “Let’s Go” would be the perfect way to get the crowd going at the start of one of their most legendary performances to date.  This track only further proves what we’ve long suspected—Big Gigantic can do no wrong.