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Favorite ThisBest EDM Vocalists - Top 10 [Page 2]

Published: August 19, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

5. Mimi Page
Mimi Page - Best EDM Vocalists - Top 10

What’s not to love about Mimi Page? The Los Angeles-based singer has worked with everyone under the sun it seems, layering her visceral vocals over stunning tunes from Bassnectar, Seven Lions, and Gladkill, just to name a few. Even more impressive is her beauteous solo work, shining a light on Page’s ability to produce atmospheric dream-pop like a boss. 
Worked With: Phrenik, Bassnectar, Seven Lions & Minnesota, Clark Kent, Kezwik, Gladkill, Shotgun Radio, and more. 

4. Cristina Soto
Cristina Soto - Best EDM Vocalists - Top 10
Cristina Soto’s angelic vocals possess an ability to instantaneously shift the mood of any room, transforming dull into complete and utter satisfaction. The American songstress is basically the third member of Tritonal, becoming an integral part of the group’s success since their initial inception. And if you haven’t yet immersed your entire being into “Still With Me,” we suggest getting right on that. 
Worked With: Tritonal and ATB

3. Zoë Johnston
Zoƫ Johnston - Best EDM Vocalists - Top 10
The enticingly charming ambiance created by Zoë Johnston’s riveting voice is almost impossible to describe using just words. The British singer paints a vivid picture each time she opens her mouth, and making the world a better place is just a melody away. Johnston’s illustrious career stretches back to 1999, but her prodigious role throughout the creative process of Above & Beyond's Group Therapy has made her a fan-favorite amongst lovers of trance music.
Worked With: Above & Beyond, Sudha, and Delirium

2. Heather Bright (Bright Lights)
Heather Bright - Best EDM Vocalists - Top 10
The old saying goes “You're only as good as the company you keep.” Fortunately for Heather Bright, the company she keeps are some of dance music’s most prominent artists. Type her name into Youtube. Go ahead, we'll wait. Now you see what we mean. The talented songwriter is churning out towering vocal features at light speed, and we can’t imagine she’ll slow down anytime soon.
Worked With: Zedd, Porter Robinson, Hardwell & Dyro, Savoy, Flinch, Bingo Players, Pink is Punk & Benny Benassi, and more. 

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