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Published: December 12, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Matrix & Futurebound feat. Luke Bingham - All I Know (Rolling Out Mix)
Matrix and Futurebound - Best Drum and Bass Songs of 2012
M&F’s Rolling Out Mix of “All I Know” is the perfect song to warm up those rage faces before heading towards a party. The girlies will take their precious time getting dressed up, while the guys pre-game and discuss politics over mojitos. That’s what they talk about right? Yeah, unsubstantiated claims about gender roles in modern America!

4. Metrik - Freefall (feat. Reija Lee)
Metrik - Best Drum and Bass Songs of 2012
If this song doesn’t engage your entire being with nonstop fervor and emotion, than we’ve got to assume you’re a descendent of the original humbugger Ebenezer Scrooge. “Freefall” gracefully meshes the exhilarating vocals of Reija Lee with Metrik’s provocative instrumentations, resulting in unadulterated passion throughout.


3. Netsky - Love Has Gone
Netsky - Best Drum and Bass Songs of 2012
Kids these days--filling their impressionable eardrums with the sounds of Netsky, then scurrying around town raising a ruckus. Next thing you know they’ll be trying to get high on bath salts, and God forbid attending those wretched “rave” things. Come on Netsky, look what you made them do.


2. Netsky - We Can Only Live Today feat. Billie (Camo & Krooked Remix)
Camo and Krooked - Best Drum and Bass Songs of 2012
Some people live by the term “Y.O.L.O.” (You Only Live Once), others swear by “C.L.I.T.” (Can’t Live It Twice), but real bosses believe in the mantra “We Can Only Live Today.” It’s about staying true to yourself, ridding your mind of anxieties, and taking advantage of every second you have on this beautiful blue marble.

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