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Favorite ThisBenjah Ninjah debuts 'Redux' 1 month out from The Untz Festival

Published: May 1, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

The Untz Festival 2017Our date with destiny inches closer every day. We're now a mere month out from The Untz Festival and the hype is approaching pandemic levels. Part of the run up to the festival includes a flurry of activity from the many artists on our lineup, and each and every crew is busy building an arsenal of tunes to propel its artists to new heights once they hit our stage.

Amongst the crews are ShadowTrix Music, a west coast bass endeavor that has become a staple of the underground scene through the maddeningly addictive onslaught of anthems that have made their way through the team. As one of our partners, they've been instrumental in helping us cultivate that hype, but also slide some new music our way, and each act they've added to our roster has delivered.

Today, we introduce many fans to Benjah Ninjah. He's a major pillar of the Tahoe bass scene, and is making his way up and down the west coast with Preston Charles a.k.a. SubDocta, another member of the STM stage, on the From the Shadows tour. Benjah breaks open your speakers and rips out their guts with “Redux,” a snarling junkyard dog of a tune with an eerie sound and a nasty bite. There are many who try, but few who can capture that dirty, experimental sound without going completely on the deep end into the depths of madness.

Along with Benjah Ninja and SubDocta, fans at The Untz Festival will see TASO, PartyWave, Kozmo, and an extra special performance by Rude Boy Noize (Shlump + Trevor Kelly) on the ShadowTrix Music stage, which runs June 3-4 at the Mariposa Fairgrounds in beautiful Mariposa, California. We encourage everyone to jump on those tickets at before they fly away.

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