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Favorite Thisbe.IN & Terski unleash furious bass by 'Tearing Sound'

Published: July 24, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

be.IN & TerskiAs part of The Gradient Perspective entourage that made its way to The Untz Festival last month, Shane Mitchell made a huge impression on our fan base. Under the spicy Mariposa sun that Saturday, be.IN rocked the crowd with a ton of unreleased heat from himself and his Ebisu Sound crew members. The east coast faction also includes newcomer William Reagan, a.k.a. Terski, with whom Mitchell has concocted a bold new jam.

Tearing Sound” is exactly what you might come to expect from be.IN, who has been featured as part of Conrank's mixes. It's a rabid sine wave serial killer that audibly rips apart your preconceived notion of what bass synths can sound like. Rough and ragged, the snarling subsonic growls make this a devastating drop on a proper set of speakers.

You can catch be.IN, as well as his cohorts, on The Pirate Ship stage at Big Dub Festival this weekend, presented by The Gradient Perspective, Ebisu Sound, DubDay NYC, and all:Lo Collective.


Tags: Dubstep