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Favorite ThisBeats Antique / The Fillmore (Denver, CO) / 12.03.11

Published: December 9, 2011

By: Nicholas Callaio

The past year bore witness to an across-the-board rebirth of the electronic music movement, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the mid-90s. With Skrillex getting a Grammy nod for best new artist of the year and Bassnectar selling out venues left and right, it’s pretty evident where this sound is headed. Beats Antique enforced this electronic revolution with their over-the-top performance in front of a sold out crowd at The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO that wowed the audience and left them chanting for more.

Beats Antique is the California-based trio of immensely talented artists which includes dancer and choreographer Zoe Jakes, and drummer/producers Tommy Cappel and David Satori. The trio shared the stage with internationally renowned painter Alex Grey and his wife Allyson, and together bridged the gap between art and music. Jakes crept out from the wings to mesmerize the crowd with her exotic belly dancing routine to opener “The Porch.” Cappel and Satori, classically trained instrumentalists, smashed the set and took improvisation to the next level. Their use of acoustic instruments like the violin, banjo, baritone saxophone, and clarinet sets them apart from the rest of the electronic world.

The trio featured a lot of new material from their latest release, Elektrafone, like “Alleyway,” a collaboration with glitch maestro ill.Gates, and the hit single “Cat Skillz.” They kept the ball rolling with fan favorite “Revival” with their critically-acclaimed music video projected behind them on the massive, stage-length screens. What really caught everyone's attention was the newly produced Bassnectar remix of “Voodoo.”

David Satori spent time in Denver before and has deeply embedded roots in the scene. He said “We always know it's going be a good time in Denver, duh” so dropping a new track was a no brainer. They ended this one-of-a-kind set with “We Swarm,” a Glitch Mob remix, and shortly afterwards, the legendary animals masks made their rightful appearance during the encore. Be sure to catch Beats Antique in the flesh, because with their crowds getting bigger and bigger, their live show will become increasingly more extravagant. They are making big plans for 2012, which include a new release and possibly heading over to Europe to expand on a global level. Not to mention the upcoming summer festival circuit, the trio will always be there to add something new to the equation.

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