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Favorite ThisBeats Antique - New Album + Free Streaming Track

Published: September 8, 2010


The colorful Oakland, CA trio Beats Antique is back with another genre-defying album.  Blind Threshold will be dropping September 15th, and features more of the signature Beats Antique sound: Middle Eastern flavor with a smattering of old-world instrumentation, all layered over glitchy, dancefloor beats.  The new album is chock full of guest stars as diverse as John Popper and LYNX, and is mastered by none other than Dave Tipper, one of those most influential artists on the scene today.

Beats Antique members David Satori, Tommy Chappel, and Zoe Jakes each stake their territory on record and on stage.  Violas, hand percussion, and live horns fill the space with Satori’s lush and exotic melodies, while Chappel’s pounding drum and bass drive them home.  Jakes, who has co-produced a number of tracks on the new album, brings the ancient melodies to life with sultry bellydancing infused with a hint of modernity in clubs, theaters, and festivals across the country.  The gang hits the road with the album’s release, moving west to east and back again for a double-dip in Hollywood on Halloween.  Beats Antique then travels back to the Atlantic seaboard for some dates with famed producer Bassnectar.

Zoe Jakes and David Satori will be featured on the Untz Podcast September 22nd, but until then, enjoy Egyptic, a brand new track from their forthcoming album, Blind Threshold.

Beats Antique-Egyptic by INgroovesmarketing

Beats Antique Live - Lucent L'amour - Do Lab - Los Angeles - Valentines Day 2010


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