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Favorite ThisBeats Antique new album Elektrafone released for streaming

Published: October 2, 2011

The Balkan big beat, performance art, and live electronic trio Beats Antique released their latest album today (available streaming). Elektrafone features a slew of guest performers playing everything from trumpet and banjo to the double bass and saw. That's right, like the lumberjack's best friend. David Satori, Sidecar Tommy, and Zoe Jakes have been touring nonstop since their last release, 2010's Blind Threshold, with acts like Bassnectar and The Glitch Mob. However, in that time, the band has managed to strengthen their already signature sound, which fuses Gypsy jazz, Hungarian and Eastern European folk melodies with grinding beats and future bass sounds. Still quite the theatrical act, Beats Antique has managed to once again capture the energy and enthusiasm of their exuberant live show in record form.

Purchase the album here:


Cat Skillz 5:29
The Porch 4:07
Alto 4:17
Siren Song 4:46
Skytalk 4:12
Snarl Axel 4:08
Uneven 5:57
Swagger (with The Tailor) 4:51
Alleyway (with ill Gates) 4:28
The Glitch Mob - We Swarn (Beats Antique Remix) 5:57

Guest Musicians:

Sylvain Carton – Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Mandolin – 1, 2, 8
Seth Ford Youg – Double Bass – 8
Dina Maccabee – Viola, Violin – 5
Peter Jaques – Trumpet – 1
Tarran Gabriel – Longneck Banjo and Composition 8
Henry Hung – Trumpet – 1
Dan Cantrell – Accordion, Saw – 8
Scott Larson – Trombone – 3, 8, 9
Jay Standards – Trumpet – 3, 8, 9
Ill Gates – Production – 9
The Glitch Mob – Production – 10

Mastered by – EO (Reveley Mastering)

Cover Art – Michael Pukac

Graphic Design – Daniel Jung

Photo – Sequoia Emmanuelle

Produced and Recorded by Beats Antique 2011

Engineered by Beats Antique 2011 at Big Cactus Studio in Oakland, CA and Prarie Sun Studios in Sebastopol, CA.

Additional recording and mixing by Isha Erskine.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoDubstepLivetronica