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Favorite ThisBeat Fatigue - Straight Up Shuffle [May 5 - Lowtemp - PREMIERE]

Published: May 4, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

We've had our eyes and ears on Amsterdam's Beat Fatigue for years now. With a guitar sound like Scofield, and a bass punch like OPIUO, the young producer and six-string slinger found his way to Gramatik, who immediately signed him to his Lowtemp label. Tomorrow, Beat Fatigue's Optimus Jive EP will hit the airwaves, and per Denis J's decree, it shall be free.

Today's premiere, "Straight Up Shuffle," shouldn't evoke nightmares of an LMFAO travesty. This is the kind of shuffle that actually gets you out of your seat and onto the floor. Plenty of sax and scratches decorate this track that leads right into a blazer of a guitar solo. Lowtemp is expanding from sample-based hip-hop and electro-soul into the broader glitch-hop market with this three-track EP. But Gramatik knows his fans are gonna follow the funk straight to Beat Fatigue. Looks like he's gonna have to make a run in the States...

Tags: GlitchLivetronica