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Favorite Thisbeardthug unleashes FCK YXVR 3GO mix

Published: June 16, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

beardthugFresh off a stellar showcase at The Untz Festival on ThazDope Records' stage, dubstep duo beardthug drops a massive mix of your weekend listening material. Slide right into board shorts, crack open a cold one, and fire up the FCK YXVR 3GO mix bringing you 48 uninterrupted minutes of originals, remixes, and collabs from Seamus Southern and Mallek Salleh.

Featuring beardthug faves like “Girthworm Jim” and “Layali” like you've never heard them before, as well as some smooth segues into unreleased material, this power-packed mix will have you headbanging all the way into Sunday. These dudes racked up a shit ton of fans at The Untz Festival, and are about to dial in a fuckton more. The best news is that this is volume 1, so you know there's more on the way.

beardthug - Did You Just Assume My Genre?
BeardMonster - Bass Punch
beardthug x Woofax - Two All the Way
beardthug x Spankalicious - Warriors of Light
beardthug - tech... what?
Thorne - Casamir (beardthug Remix)
beardthug - Broken
beardthug - Girthworm Jim (Danny Grooves Remix)
beardthug - Girthworm JIm
beardthug - Wake
beardthug - Don Quixote
beardthug - Bulletproof
Verna Hark - Sparkling Blue (beardthug Remix)
Jellynote x beardthug - ThugNote
beardthug - Beard & Boujee
beardthug - Thug Lite
RATM - Bulls on Parade (beardthug Remix)
beardthug - Spunion
beardthug - Desert Dwelling Forestist
beardthug - Layali
beardthug - Back to Bassix

Tags: Dubstep