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Favorite ThisBatwing - Bow To Tha King [Prisoner of Noize OUT NOW]

Published: March 10, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

From the deep, dark recesses of your worst nightmares spring the no-holds-barred, twisted creations of Batwing, part DJ, part vampire. Crafting the filthiest hip-hop inspired hooks, the new album Prisoner of Noize combines pitch-shifted verses over tasty trap beats. Today's track, "Bow To Tha King," is a prime example of rawness meeting execution. Knee-breaking grooves switch up with each drop, keeping the listener on their toes. It's a brooding, daunting soundscape with some evil tinges. We love the darkness. In line with the hook, this cut is a motherfucker.

Tags: Trap