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Favorite ThisBassnectar Reveals "Upside Down" from Divergent Spectrum

Published: June 28, 2011
Divergent SpectrumLorin Ashton will be sifting through paternity suits for the next couple of years. His plan to impregnate the masses with bass babies is taking hold, and unsuspecting youth from coast to coast and beyond are flocking en masse to the spectacle that is Bassnectar. Coming off earth shattering performances at Summer Camp, Sasquatch, Wakarusa, and Red Rocks, and still poised to slam Electric Forest and Camp Bisco X on consecutive weekends, Ashton is releasing the opening track from his forthcoming album Divergent Spectrum (slated for an Aug. 2nd release). With a set that is skewing darker, shedding contemporary hip-hop for his jungle sounds of yore, curiosity is piqued among fans and critics alike, as to what the new Bassnectar record holds.
"Upside Down" is our first sneak peak of the new 'Nectar aesthetic. Present in the track is Ashton's signature vocoded commands, southern sizzurp beats, and high bass warbles. The cut seems the logical continuation of a sonic thought process stemming from Wildstyle numbers "Hot Right Now," and "808 Track," rather than merging with the direction of his live performances. At a shade over three minutes, the radio edit makes it hard to determine, as yet, whether the darkness will bleed into the rest of the album, but Bassnectar's army of insatiable bass junkies will at least have a fix to carry them partway home. A month is still a long time...
Bassnectar - Upside Down (Radio Edit)


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