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Favorite ThisBassnectar releases new track from DIVERGENT SPECTRUM LP

Published: July 13, 2011

With anticipation building to a fever pitch, Bassheads worldwide are being put through the wringer of anxiety, desperately waiting to get their grubby little hands on Divergent Spectrum, due out August 2nd. Bassnectar knows the secret of tension and release, anyone who has been to his shows would know that. So with DS on the horizon, Mr. Ashton is priming his fans with a brand new preview track AND dangling a tasty NYC event just out of reach.

In a little less than a month, Bassnectar will host his first ever BASS ISLAND. Governor's Island in New York will be taken over on Aug. 13th with acts like the seminal Prefuse 73, modern mash-up godfather Z-Trip, wunderkinds Virtual Boy, and more. Along with the boatload of artists, you can imagine that an army of amBASSadors will be hard at work fixing up the island with as many odd fixtures and installations as they can. The event is set to expand on the idea of Nectar's Bass Centers--but to go bigger and badder.

On the Divergent Spectrum tip, the latest single to sneak out of the Bassnectar camp is a charming little twist in the vein of his Pixies remix. Gogol Bordello, the NYC-based Gypsy-punk outfit, has been a rebellious icon for more than a decade. With their Balkan edge and punkish irreverence, the band has found more than a few friends in the industry, and is thought of as a real artist's artist. In a fitting tribute, Ashton lets them have their say with "Immidraniada," only stepping in to warp the chorus and add his 2 cents. Yet again, Bassnectar is introducing his favorites from the distant and not so distant past to his fans who may have been too young or distracted catch it, and treating his older fans to a little "hey, remember this?"

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