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Favorite ThisBassnectar: Freestyle EP Review

Published: October 29, 2012
By: Alex Silva

Bassnectar has unleashed yet another brain-rattling release. His latest 6-track EP Freestyle, which features four originals and two remixes, is everything you would expect from mega-producer Lorin Ashton and more. Following the release of his 10th studio album Vava Voom, earlier this year, Freestyle is the newest of many EPs available for purchase on his record label Amorphous Music and iTunes.  

The EP as a whole encompasses many of the dominant styles of today’s EDM scene. The title track opens the EP with tasty 808s and the aggressive, in-your-face lyrics of young hip-hop artist Angel Haze. Bassnectar cakes it all with his signature dubstep sound to remind you that you’re listening to the Bass King. Simply put, it’s his latest take on trap music.

“Breathless” is an original collaboration with British drum ‘n’ bass duo DC Breaks (signed to Ram Records). The accompanying vocals of L.A. song writer Mimi Page provide for a dreamy soundscape reminiscent of Armin Van Buuren’s ethereal trance, backed by Bassnectar’s spiraling synth progressions that ascend and descend with each building drop as Mimi’s initially distance voice becomes amplified above all else. “Hologram” follows with choppy auto tune vocals, subtle basslines, and that high-pitched, flute-like sound which has become a staple behind many of Bassnectar’s productions.

One of the more dominant tracks of the EP is “Infinite.” It kicks off with a steady electro pop beat that ensues a slight movement of the body to its cosmic melodic buildups. It quickly escalates into something more with heavy, yet mild, wobbles that illustrate Lorin’s ability to keep things moderately simple. He’s not afraid to switch things up, slow it down, and make his music unique enough that it forms its own niche approach. Nobody does dubstep like Bassnectar does dubstep.

Bassnectar closes the EP with “Human” and “Ego Killer,” two very comparable but distinguishable songs. Both are Bassnectar remixes, one of Zion I and the other of Amp Live & Eligh, respectively. Pairing up with Oakland-based hip-hop beat makers Zion I, “Human” yields the ultimate clash of musical extremities. It has a strong hip-hop influence with a bouncy trip hop feel, while “Ego Killer” reverts back to that filthy dubstep that makes your head gurgle with massive reverbs, grimy garage synths, and the occasional retro chiptune chord to brighten it up a bit.

Although the EP is nothing unusual from his previous works, it’s a great piece worth listening to and is very reflective of traditional Bassnectar, so fans won’t be disappointed. Ashton is currently touring the U.S. with dates extending into November. He is also scheduled to perform alongside Pretty Lights in Hampton, Virginia on December 28th, followed by Lights All Night in Dallas, Texas and his Nashville, Tennessee performance on New Year’s Eve with a full-circle rotating stage! Fully immerse yourself in 360 degrees of Bassnectar as you experience him from all angles. Advance tickets for his NYE show went on sale Wednesday October 17th for a subtotal of $61.99.

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