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Favorite ThisBassnectar: Dreamtempo Mixtape

Published: June 21, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

It’s always a good day when you wake up to a surprise Bassnectar mixtape. It’s even better when the mix tape is a re-release from 1999! This is straight up old school Nectar at his finest. In this ancient time before anyone had ever heard a bass drop, Bassnectar was laying down beautiful, rich bass music as DJ Lorin. The weird samples, hypnotic downtempo, and thick bass tones are in abundance on this throwback. Timing out at almost an hour and a half, this tape will be water for the souls of Bass Heads around the world who are constantly begging Lorin Ashton to go back to his “old shit.” Here at, we love Bassnectar in any form. However, it is nice to hear him in the element that made us fall in love with his music all those years ago.

Tags: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepGlitchTrap