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Favorite ThisBassnectar 360 NYE slideshow / Bridgestone Arena (Nashville, TN) / December 31, 2013

Published: January 8, 2014
Photos and story by: Mike Miller (STL Homegrown Productions)

Bassheads flocked from around the nation to make their appearance at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN, on New Year’s Eve; for the third year in a row!  What is so special about Bassnectar 360 that attracts people of all ages and regions?  I will illuminute--Bassnectar has a connection with Nashville, and his fans.  Selling out basically every show he performs, people do not intend to miss the chance to ring in their New Years with the man himself.

Not every major city can attract a headliner like Bassnectar for their NYE celebration. His production is always top notch and his track selections are always on point.  The amount of bass that this man brings to every show is unreal. The bass will have your sinuses vibrating and your ears itching! This is the only show that I have ever thought about putting earplugs in; which is why people travel hundreds of miles, and wait in extremely long lines in the freezing cold, just to get a wristband to be on the floor. 

The followers that this man has are DIE HARD fans. I have never come across such enthusiastic, energetic and creative individuals, except at a Bassnectar show. He allows fans to bring in their ‘totems,’ which are becoming a bigger and bigger deal each year. Totems are a form of art used to help locate one another at a show, or just to make people laugh. You hold them in the air the whole show, so that if someone gets separated, they can find their way back by simply scanning the crowd for their unique Mario on a stick with LED finger-gloves attached to it. Bassnectar gives his fans a chance to express themselves.

He cares about the well-being of his fans, by letting them bring in an empty camelback to prevent dehydration, while encouraging every person to look out for one another.  People come with Bassnectar flags, masks, pins, necklaces, totems, and anything else you can think of that can hold his symbol.  These diehard fans wouldn’t rather be anywhere else, than a Bassnectar concert with 10,000 other bass freaks. 

Lighting and visuals are always something to boast about at a Bassnectar show.  After great supporting sets from ill-esha, and Zion I, Bassnectar mesmerized the people of the arena with his earth rattling sounds from space. The visuals are ALWAYS different and ALWAYS perfectly synchronized with his music. The jumbotron was filled with incredible psychedelic visuals created by nature, and other live performances from various artists, as well a live feed from the 360 stage, making it a very intriguing part of the show. 

When it comes time to closing up shop, he always has a surprise for his fans. Whether it be an encore, or live vocals with one of his tracks. This year for his final track he surprised everyone when he dropped “Teleport Massive,” with live vocal support from AmpLive Zumbi which made for a great ending to the show.

Another thing that always amazes me is his “Family Photo”. Every single show that this man performs, he gets the attention of every person in the house, makes sure that everyone has their hands in the air and reaching for the stars, and takes a group photo of himself and everyone else. The photos are always so unreal, it shows the energy that flows through the venue at every single one of his shows. You gotta see it to believe it.

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