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Favorite ThisBASS GAMUT brings underground bass to San Jose

Published: August 28, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Bass GamutOur west coast bass family is growing. Back in March, we shared a fun beachside renegade set from Shlump to our festival page. Now, six months later, a brand new event is breaking ground.

Welcome BASS GAMUT to your south Bay list of events to hit. Bringing underground bass to San Jose, California, the all our favorite artists (and yours) will soon be making their way to Lido Nightclub. On September 22nd, the crew's renegade past is history as their inaugural indoor event brings out SAYER, Secret Recipe, Tiger Fresh, and more.

Fans of The Untz Festival will be familiar with Jimmy Mosqueda from Fresno, who kicks off the proceedings as ION. Then fans will be treated to Bay Area producer Smoltron B2B with Taiwan's DMC champ Dinpei. More festival acts include Benji Hannus a.k.a. Secret Recipe who was one of our partners on the festival as part of the Wormhole crew, and of course SAYER rocked that mean ass Sunday late night set.

Of course, it's not just about the music. There's going to be live art, performance by TrapCity Twerk Squad and White Tiger (who is a hoot, if you're in the know), and visuals by Vektor Selektor. There are also world-class subs provided by Slow Coast Sound.

We're thrilled that more bass is invading the Bay, and are happy to have an opportunity to infiltrate more communities with this sound. Let's help make this incredible new event a success and keep them rolling in the festival off-season.

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