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Favorite ThisBass and melody converge in Aplsoz's 'Mind Wide Open'

Published: December 15, 2017

By: Jennifer Seifert

AplsozUp-and-coming bass producer, Aplsoz, recently released his newest track “Mind Wide Open” under his self-proclaimed genre of Ultra-Captivationism; a combination of heavy and melodic tunes designed to stimulate the senses.

"Ultra-Captivationism is what I coin my open source genre and musical experiment. Aplsoz is my love language meant to be felt and experienced with friends and loved ones. We aim to include you in our family and get the heck down while we're at it!"

“Mind Wide Open” combines heavy bass with glitch undertones and infuses melodic beats counterbalanced with hip-hop samples, leading to the culmination of a diverse electronic track.

If you like tunes that make you want to headbang but are also a fan of melodic hip-hop accentuated with tinges of metallic glitch that makes you feel as if you’re in a hallway of sound, “Mind Wide Open” will, without a doubt, get the party started.

This year, Cody Bones had the opportunity to play The Untz Festival on ThazDope Records' stage and Zen Awakening Festival. Bones has also won awards such as the Wakarusa DJ Classic and the Hy-tekk KOAN Sound DJ Contest. Still rising through the ranks, Aplsoz is continuing to grow and evolve. Keep an eye on this climbing producer and see where his musical journey takes him.

Tags: Dubstep