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Favorite ThisBaajewala joins The Dog Pound with 'The Summoning'

Published: June 25, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Baajewala - The SummoningBeing a desi, myself, I get unnaturally amped about new producers from India. What's even more exciting about this particular case is that our selected premiere artist today is joining a rather interesting pack.

Baajewala has gotten some high praise and opportunities from UZ's Quality Goods Records. Earlier this spring, he released Hell Raiden on QGC, which has a few dingers on it.

Today, the Indian artist joins the ranks of The Dog Pound, the side label for non-Lost Dogz artists who the puppies still want to showcase. “The Summoning” is a snarling, mean mutt with intense wubs and warbles. It's not exactly in the style of a signature Lost Dogz cut, but you can see what the crew sees in this guy, and in this song in particular.

Pre-save “The Summoning” from Baajewala on The Dog Pound

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