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Favorite ThisAzR - Drive

Published: January 7, 2013
By: Anand HarshNYC-based singer-songwriter Jordan Moser turned to the world of dance music as an outlet for his creative drive only two years ago. In that time, AzR has amassed more than three hundred thousand YouTube views, won a SiriusXM remix contest worth $10,000, and got his track "Lighthouse" snatched up by Tocadisco. Today, we bring you a brand new exclusive download of "Drive," a prog-house anthem with lyrics written and performed by Moser, himself. With passion and a flair for the dramatic, we at are betting our bottom dollar AzR becomes not only a sought-after producer in the electronic music industry, but a vocalist artists are falling over themselves to get on their tracks. And he speaks tech, which makes him all the more valuable. Make no mistake, AzR is the real deal.