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Favorite ThisAzedia - Requiem For The New World

Published: December 24, 2012
By: Allegra Dimperio

If you know anything about music history, the term “requiem” brings to mind the haunting compositions for the Mass of the Dead by the likes of Brahms, Mozart and Verdi. If you like bass more than Beethoven, the word at least reminds you of a messed up cult classic that is moving in its own gut wrenching way. British dubstep trio AZEDIA is giving the word a new reference point in the form of “Requiem For The New World,” a poignant saga of a track that offers more hope for a rebirth of consciousness than remorse for the apocalypse that wasn’t.

The requiem begins with the words of spiritual master Barry Long, who invites the listener to “Come with me into eternity.” While a full listen to the track may not grant eternal life, it at the very least proves to be the aural equivalent of a religious experience: mournful violin leads a choir and orchestra in a sweeping introduction that is joined by the drums of a bassline, moments of electric guitar and more words of spiritual guidance.

More of a symphony or spiritual sermon than merely a song, if you’re looking for a drop-laden dubstep track you won’t find it here. But if you’re intrigued by a track that sounds more arranged than mastered, more suited to a rite than a rave, AZEDIA’s “alchemical symphonic dubstep” requiem delivers a truly mind-opening musical experience—maybe we are in a new world after all.