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Favorite ThisAzedia - Precipitate

Published: December 4, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

It's been difficult for us to turn away from the Monstercatalog because these guys just keep consistently finding the best new artists. As part of Monstercat's "New Artist Week" (which thankfully spans two weeks), the EDM detective agency has scrounged up AZEDIA, an English trio led by a duo of producers and vocalist Moonflwr, whose unique talents shine on "Precipitate." A chillstep anthem, the slick production work is capped with a Brian May-esque soaring guitar solo and some really impressive gems throughout the cut. A young act, AZEDIA's songwriting is really mature and shows some meticulous attention to the craft. You gotta give it up to Monstercat for once again finding untapped springs of raw talent.