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Favorite ThisAyla Nereo releases a Jumpsuit Records delight

Published: March 26, 2014
By: Thandiwe Ogbonna

On Monday, Ayla Nereo, The Polish Ambassador’s partner on the groundbreaking Wildlight project, released her fourth solo effort, Hollow Bone. The 10 track album, written and produced by Nereo, is a triumph of vocal exploration.
Limited instrumentation allows Nereo’s compelling voice to fill every space for 30 minutes of auditory bliss. According to Nereo, “To be a Hollow Bone is to receive whatever the creative muses want to pour through us, and to give it as it is given …”
Clearly, that is what Nereo is striving for with this work, and she more than delivers. She delves deep into the qualities and complexities of her own instrument and leaves them here for careful contemplation. In the opening track, she gently implores the “Eastern Sun” to “melt the cold from [her] bones,” and declares that “like a child, [she] is born again,” setting the tone for the ethereal experience that is Hollow Bone.
Indeed, it seems that she has tapped a direct line to the heavens, her strong and captivating voice leading transcendent harmonies, while her lyrics beg for growth and change at the deepest levels of existence.
Listen to Hollow Bone, and claim your name your price download, courtesy of The Polish Ambassador’s Jumpsuit Records. Catch Ayla on tour with TPA and the Jumpsuit crew now!

The Polish Ambassador

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