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Favorite ThisA-Trak: Tuna Melt EP Review

Published: December 11, 2012
By Lisa Disinger

A prodigy in the world of electronic music and turntablism, DJ/producer A-Trak continues his legacy with the most recent EP, Tuna Melt. From a young age, Alain Macklovitch has been an award winning icon, dominating every major DJ competition and teaming up with a plethora of other well-known hip-hop and electronic artists during the arc of his career. A-Trak's knack for collaboration extends into his latest release, featuring a different co-creator for each track, and skillfully blending a wide variety of musical styles.

The foundation for the entire EP is built upon an electro house framework, uniquely decorated by each collaborator. Fellow DJ Tommy Trash makes an appearance for an electro tag team title track with soulful, throwback samples. “Disco Nap” (if you haven't already guessed) features a classic 70's feel, which is still alive and kickin' thanks to Oliver's vintage vibe, while “Jumbo”'s secret ingredient is the progressive house flare of Galantis.

The tune that stands out most distinctly on this current release, however, is “Landline.” Unlike the other three productions, it leaves behind the 4/4 house beat in favor of a deep trap flavor fashioned by GTA. What this track more importantly represents however, is A-Trak's ability to recognize current musical trends and skillfully incorporate them into his productions without jumping onto the bandwagon head over heels.

In it's most simplistic form, the role of the disc jockey is to play the crowd, and move the floor, thus serving the sweaty, dancing masses. We must consider that a talent for turntablism is what earned young Alain his first merit badge in electronic music, and it is this bedrock that supports his production empire. While still allowing partnering artists, and popular flavors shine through, A-Trak continuously churns out masterpieces, all the while never sacrificing his own character.

Tags: ElectroHouse