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Favorite ThisA-Trak & Tommy Trash: Tuna Melt (Official Video)

Published: April 29, 2013
By: Jared Vinik

Remember Rube Goldberg? He would conceive very elaborate and complex ways to complete very simple tasks. The new video for the track "Tuna Melt," a collaboration between A-Trak and Tommy Trash, comes right out of the mind of Rube Goldberg, himself. A very cool video that starts off with dominos falling over and leads to a massive chain reaction that ultimately results in the big reveal (which you'll have to watch yourself in order to enjoy). The music video was directed by Ryan Staake, who said that while it looks like it was done in a single take, the video actually uses 10 shots. Nevertheless, this is a very unique and entertaining video that pairs well with a bumping track. 

Tags: ElectroHouse