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Favorite ThisAtomic Reactor - Galactavation Sequence EP [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: October 14, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

David Holsapple has been turning them out faster than we've been able to keep up! The Denver-based producer, originally from Ft. Collins, churning tunes out at a rate only quantifiable using Avogadro's number has a new three-track EP that we're thrilled to be dropping on you for FREE. Galactavation Sequence is the next phase in a rapid evolution.

Primarily working in the world of glitch-hop, Atomic Reactor's latest turn is towards the trill. Still using his hard-edged swing and lazer-guided synths, we get more groove and chill hi-hat roll-offs. The title track is a frenetic, genre-shifting morpher, and "Knot Trap" is certainly not quite trap, but it's got some elements that are unique enough to get you in the mood. The closer, "Mile High State of Mind" features fellow Mile High Sound Movement artist Kruza Kid, for a decidedly genuine ode to Colorado.

Tags: Glitch