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Favorite ThisArtIsMobilUs brings art to The Untz Festival

Published: May 26, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

ArtIsMobilUsRichard Felix has been cruising around Bay Area for years bringing art to the people. Which is what a lot of our favorite DJs and bands would say if they had to describe their craft, but they're not hauling a giant school bus with an 24-foot canvas strapped to the side.

ArtIsMobilUs is a mobile art gallery and arts incubator that has been a fixture of the San Francisco and Oakland art and culture scenes since 2012. With its mission of bringing new artists into the fold and giving them a platform to spread their work, as well as letting folks know that "anybody can paint," this roaming gallery is going a long way to spread the gospel of incredible community-spawned artwork that can not only please the eye, but send a message.

We are beyond thrilled to announce that ArtIsMobilUs will be hitting The Untz Festival next weekend, June 2-4, in Mariposa, California. It's our distinct pleasure to bring a taste of the Bay arts scene to the mouth of the Yosemite. Time to brush up on your brushwork! Join us by snagging your tickets at today.