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Favorite ThisArkiteQt: When Time Stood Still [Out July 26]

Published: July 25, 2013
By: Rebecca Bradshaw

Steven Primo understands how to construct and design an emotional connection, a creative manipulation of the mind. Feeding off what you know, facing you with a soundscape unconquered, then encompassing the two into a nostalgic electronica dream that will have you floating.

ArkiteQt’s versatility shines through by taking classics like Deftones “Knife Party” to The Prodigy’s “Breathe,” recognized by electronic fans young and old, and adding a presence and vision to be known.

Primo’s remix of Deftones “Knife Party” builds a euphoric, melodic panorama all his own, adding electro breakbeats, sweeps, and synthesizers to recapture a memory of a classic. It’s not easy to breathe new life into an established imagery of a tune, yet ArkiteQt has nabbed the ability of building new foundations and luring you in until the end.

Steven’s perception and insight on entrancing his audience is once again proven by his remix of The Prodigy’s “Breathe”, remolded into a glitchhop energy explosion with an irresistible baselaced tempo.

ArkiteQt's new album When Time Stood Still releases this Friday, July 26th! Available for FREE Download. When Time Stood Still features remixes of throwbacks such as Deftones, Bone Thugs, Nina Simone and Snoop Dogg.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepElectroGlitch