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Favorite ThisArkasia: Fall Of The Republic EP Review

Published: March 21, 2012

By: Ty Allen

Simply put, if you haven’t heard Arkasia’s music yet, you’re in for a mind-bending surprise of the best kind. Hailing from Paris, France, and backed by the award-winning Heavy Artillery Records, Arkasia is an incredible producer with an equally impressive resume. He started playing the violin at age five, and jumped into composing “mini-operas” by twelve. As if that wasn’t enough, the self-taught drummer founded the ADAPTEK’s Collective in the year 2000, leading to the creation of a live-performance Polakatek band by the name of ANTROPOD. Finally, in 2011, Arkasia was born in an attempt to challenge the minds of electronic music fans everywhere.

Classifying the majority of his music as “orchestral dubstep,” Arkasia’s musical history really bleeds through in his production. His style is explosively gritty, yet beautifully melodic, with an amazing ability to blend classical instruments with electrifying bass in harmony. Toss in some eerie sampling of political speeches, and you have the thought-provoking sound of anarchy that is Arkasia; a sound, which instills listeners with an uncontrollable urge to say, “wow”, in a time when governments around the world are facing scrutiny.

In all fairness, however, his style is unorthodox by nature and is certainly on the heavier side of the dubstep spectrum so, listeners beware—this is not for the faint of heart or closed of mind. If you haven’t heard it yet, his Fall of the Republic EP (out for about nine months now) is a pure instantiation of just how crazy Arkasia can get, and we have includeda few more examples that show off this producer’s variety, ranging from the destructive sounds of his New World Disorder EP to the euphoric madness of his remix of Oceanlab’s “Satellite.” We are extremely proud to bring you Arkasia. Enjoy, and don’t forget to turn up that bass.

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