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Favorite ThisAplsoz debuts title track from new ShadowTrix EP

Published: September 19, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

AplsozHaving recently relocated to the Sunshine State, Cody Bones is making his home in the thriving bass metropolis of Orlando, Florida. Distance is no matter for the big man, so he has connected with our ShadowTrix Music brothers who are set to put out his new EP, Kore, on September 25. STM, purveyors of that west coast underground sound, have become captivated by Aplsoz's brand of “ultra-captivationism.”

Bones is known for his gritty, mid-range frequency blasts that extend across the spectrum and soak up the listeners' attention. We wanted to share the title track, “Kore,” so fans get a sense of just how powerful the Aplsoz sound is. He really blasts the door down with this one. Those wobbles will absolutely shred your cabinets.

The release itself features remixes from Moniker, Mt. Analogue, and SuDs, so right there you've got a bi-coastal reunion of The Untz Festival faves with Aplsoz and ShadowTrix. What a magical experience.

Tags: Dubstep