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Favorite ThisAplsoz debuts all original Above The Dark Mixtape

Published: July 27, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

AplsozComing from the progenitor of Ultra-Captivationism, a brand spankin' new half hour of original Aplsoz tunes has got us all hot and bothered. Cody Bones packs in nine tunes in his new Above The Dark Mixtape, which clocks in at just under half an hour. Of those nine tunes, only one has been previously release—a remix for CONTRA (Jacob Tullos of Moniker).

The rest of the mixtape features some never-before-heard studio versions of a whole slew of new Aplsoz material. Three of the tunes will be coming out on ShadowTrix Music and Street Ritual later this summer.

This busy boy pounded a metric ton of bass into this tracks, which echo the signature sound Bones has developed over his short career. Lots of fuzzy, mid-range washes ride and roll over a groovy backbeat, calling to mind early Bassnectar and evoking his contemporaries in Scales and Brightside. Aplsoz is both melodic and aggressive, taking the time to craft melodies while still bringing the bass.

AplsozWe have had the pleasure of hosting Bones the past two years at The Untz Festival, and fans continue to flock to his sets for the blend of lightness and dark. This new mixtape should expose a whole new batch of fans to Aplsoz, and longtime die-hards will be thrilled to hear studio versions of their favorite unreleased tunes.

Track list:
Pure Color [Unreleased]
Rockin [Unreleased]
Kore [Unreleased (forthcoming ShadowTrix)]
CONTRA - Divi Filius (Aplsoz Remix)
Glow [Unreleased (forthcoming Street Ritual)]
Galaktic [Unreleased]
Juice [Unreleased]
Coming Through [Unreleased (forthcoming ShadowTrix Music)]
Soz System [Unreleased]

Tags: DubstepTrap