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Favorite ThisAnimal Collective - Bees (Shadow Attack Remix)

Published: May 24, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Jeremy Judkins is further blurring the lines between hippie and hipster. The musical madman from the Mitten--Ann Arbor to be specific--has taken a shot at one of those unique crossover acts, Animal Collective, who tend to appeal to all walks of twenty and thirtysomethings with a panache for pop that isn't too sugary, while steadfastly maintaining their artistic integrity. The result is pure Shadow Attack. Oblong and obtuse, the stilted beats slide frictionless against one another like rays of light passing in the vacuum of space. With eerie soundscapes and mystifying melodies, Shadow Attacks' work is just as suited for the Brainfeeder roster as his own Deepblip label.

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