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Favorite ThisAnevo's After School Special: Remix EP

Published: December 27, 2012

Recently turned 16-Year-Old musical prodigy Anevo decided to celebrate his 16th birthday in a BIG way: By completing one remix a day, every day, after school.. In one week's time the Swedish wonder-kid managed to knock out a remix-a-day for his debut EP "The After-School Special".

Since there's only 5 school days in a week and Hype Jones Entertainment isn't about to sell the people short we had to throw in two previously released remixes to cover Saturday and Sunday.

Monday: Archie & Polina - Here & Now (Anevo Remix)
Tuesday: Henrix - Lets Rave (Anevo Remix)
Wednesday: Peter Rauhofer - The World Is Mine (Anevo Remix)
Thursday: Cherry Cherry Boom Boom - One And Only (Anevo Remix)
Friday: Enrique Iglesias - Finally Found You (Anevo Remix)
Saturday: Archie - Famous (Anevo Remix)
Sunday: Krewella - Alive (Anevo Remix)

Tags: ElectroHouse