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Favorite ThisAndrew Bayer: If It Were You, We'd Never Leave Review

Published: April 23, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Creativity is an overused term across the breadth of music journalism. Every single artist creates, but birthing music that’s entirely innovative and remarkably unqiue, now that’s a different story. Certain musicians resort to stealing when they run out of ideas, others use the word “sampling” a little generously, while others avoid all shortcuts, get down to the nitty griity, and invent music that stands the test of time. with Andrew Bayer’s release via Anjunabeats yesterday, If It Were You, We’d Never Leave, the revolutionary producer does exactly this, inspiring fellow musicians to continually push their limits and boundaries.

The first piece to the album’s puzzle-esque format is “Opening Act,” sparking a thought-provoking journey through emotions new and old. Eyelids firmly shut truly creates the most beneficial environment to understanding Bayer’s abstract instrumentations, and letting go is only a mouse click away.

“It’s Going To Be Fine” possesses a sorrowful and dreary milieu throughout, immersing your cerebellum with minimal hip-hop influences, haunting vocal samples, and euphoric piano chords. Bayer carefully avoids mundane all together, invoking sadness with his stunning ability to reciprocate the feeling of a gloomy, rainy day.

“Lose Sight” marks the album’s shift towards a series of absolutely spellbinding vocal appearances, amalgamating chopped up harmonies from Ane Burn with electrifying synth and drum work. Deb Talan than takes the reigns on “You Are,” alleviating listener’s as Bayer highlights his remarkable ability to layer acoustic elements with electronic ideals. 
“Need Your Love” strays from the album’s initial ambiance, juxtaposing jazzy soundscapes, bluesy guitar tones, and paramount vocals. From the mollifying touch of birds chirping, to the echoing of visceral piano chords, this tune is all together empowering.

Andrew Bayer doesn’t simply produce a series of songs when setting out to make an album; he pieces emotions together to create a flourishing symphony of ever-changing dimensions. If It Were You, We’d Never Leave impregnates peace of mind deep into each listener’s conscious, and the future of music has undoubtedly arrived.