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Favorite ThisAncient Astronauts: Worldwide EP

Published: February 9, 2011

By: Patrick Corbet

The Ancient Astronauts, comprised of DJs Kabanak and Dogu, are set to release their sophomore album, “Into Bass and Time” in early March, and offer a sneak peak via “Worldwide EP”. The duo continues to show their ability to mash-up sounds and styles with hip-hop beats and downtempo rhythms in this three-track release.

The title track, “Worldwide” offers a slow, chill hip-hop beat and highlights their scratching abilities.  The second track, “Eternal Searching” combines amazing strings, recorded live by the U.K. ensemble Entropik, and the skillful rhyming of W. Ellington Felton. The strings, beats and Felton’s rhymes blend perfectly to form a smooth track. The final track of the EP, “Fear is the Only Darkness”, is a slowed down combo of flute, strings, and beats—a fitting coda for the EP.

The “Worldwide EP” gives listeners a taste of what’s to come from the full-length album, and only builds anticipation for the release. The Astronauts are ready to blast off with their vintage-meets-future block party style.

Ancient Astronauts - Worldwide