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Favorite ThisAna Sia - Rebound

Published: March 28, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
For Ana Sia, the game changed completely between 2005 and 2009. That half a decade was an eternity in EDM time. This raw brand of bass music, which came from the grimy depths of UK's drum & bass scene--but had a swagger all its own--consumed Ana Sia. Her collection of this crooked new style grew and grew, and still pushes her buttons today.

As a tribute, Ana Sia is releasing her second in a series of mixes which illustrate her influences and the growth in her sound over the course of her career. "Rebound" examines closely the sonic novelty of the '05-'09 stretch, and is comprised of some of her favorite tunes to this day. Some of the "dubstep" that appears in this music would not be recognizable in today's eardrum-demolishing, decibel-hungry scene. Minimal, and sometimes even subdued in tone, early dubstep, especially the first tracks Ana Sia was coming in contact with was still revolutionary in its own right. See if you can pick out cuts from artists who have risen to the top of the game today. Running the gamut from wicked little gurglers to dancehall-influenced anthems to contemporary bass-heavy bangers, "Rebound" is like a guided tour through the short history of the 'step.

*A special note from the Bass Queen herself: this mix is not indended for laptop speakers; push it through some meatier systems, preferably with subs, or with a nice, cush, set of headphones.

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