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Favorite ThisAn-ten-nae is 'Feeling High' and giving away free downloads

Published: July 14, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Fresh off a monster performance at Bass Coast Project in BC, Adam Ohana is still rollin' on and on. Wasting no time, An-ten-nae today unveiled his latest tune, "Feeling High," and in true artistic excitement is giving it away for free to fans.

Taking the classic Erykah Badu line and totally reworking it, the feminine energy of the neo-soul original gets a masculine makeover complete with brassy horn stabs and a gritty drumline. Vocoded Badu bounces along with Ohana's laser-guided acid crunk. You can tell this is An-ten-nae from the jump.

Join the crunkateer this Saturday (July 18) in Salt Lake City, UT, as he shifts his focus to a big Club X show with SMOKE SIIGNALS. The RIITUAL party is a worship of all things subsonic, and they got the right man to lead the ceremonies. Snag this bad boy for free, and you'll be "Feeling High" yourself...

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