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Favorite ThisAn aged Gramatik outruns Evil Nurse in official 'Torture' video

Published: March 13, 2015

By: Joshua Davis

If you haven’t noticed yet, we really, really like Gramatik’s tunes. In this particular case, the new video released for the track “Torture” off of his The Age of Reason album is really, really awesome. To be blunt, it’s pure entertainment.

A crash course of what you’re about to view: badass Grandpa is held up in a retirement home, and an Evil Nurse comes to scold him for his excessive noise. It ends up being a trap, and badass Grandpa tases the nurse, escaping the home on his scooter. He hits the road on said scooter, links up with a band of bikers, and ends up at a bar where he sets up his equipment and continues to blast his music for hammered rednecks. Little does he know… Evil Nurse is pursuing him. She tracks badass Grandpa down, he hits the road again, but this time while being chased by Evil Nurse on a Segway. They faceoff on the top of a dam and badass Grandpa does the unexpected—pulls his dentures and throws them in Evil Nurse’s path, and detonates them, winning the battle. Flawless victory.

Watch the video for yourself and enjoy a great track from a great album.

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip HopLivetronica