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Favorite ThisAMANI (Desert Dwellers) compiles 21-track 'Vajra Mind' meditative mix

Published: June 15, 2015

By: Parisa Eshrati

Vajra Mind is a two hour meditative soundscape compiled by Amani Friend, one half of psy-dub duo Desert Dwellers. The 21-track compilation features unreleased and alternate versions of ambient releases from Desert Dwellers, Rara Avis, Bluetech, Liquid Bloom, Variant Field, and Shamans Dream, and AMANI has seamlessly blended each artist’s unique offering into one cohesive mix which acts as a companion piece to the collection.

Within the first few minutes of listening, you can tell that Vajra Mind is far more than just a compilation auxiliary. Rather, it is a two hour journey that taps into the unconscious and allows you to find a place for mental expansion and creativity. Vajra Mind starts off with an inviting, soothing meditative sound and gently guides you into a darker realm. It flows so naturally into a heavier headspace, which really allows you to embrace both the light and darkness to find a harmonious place in your mindset. This notion is echoed in the vocals that are scattered throughout the first half of the mix that say, “When you awaken – remember light.”

There are also some sections that are a bit glitchier and more playful which bring a nice sense of liveliness, but for the most part this track sticks to more organic sounds. There are some didgeridoos, sitars, and flutes featured throughout that really catapult this meditation into a higher resonance. Water is also a prominent theme, with samples of droplets or streaming currents acting as both transitional segments and background noise. The water effects make this journey feel like a liquid and harmonious experience from start to end.

Overall, this soundscape is an excellent reminder that music can be medicinal in addition to being an entertaining sonic experience. AMANI states that “this music is medicine”, and that thesis is defended with gusto.

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Tags: Downtempo