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Favorite ThisAlvin Risk: JunkFood EP

Published: May 31, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

Alvin Risk has unleashed a Monsanto-sized helping of JunkFood. Despite the name, this is a solid EP that demonstrates Risk’s willingness and ability to explore styles outside of his particular brand. You get that straight out the gate with “Zoom!” For lack of better words, “Zoom” feels a bit spastic. While it certainly is a high-energy dance floor jam, it may be difficult for other DJs to drop.

Thankfully,  on “Wash Dat” Risk goes back to what he does best: melting face. If you are one of those people who lives for the bass drop, you're in for a treat. “Put Em Up” has a darker tone while staying true to Risk’s high energy style. The screamo voice might be a bit much for those well out of their angsty teen years, though.

"Trounce" featuring HYX belies its intense build, not climaxing with a massive drop, but retaining the energy throughout. Even without the drop, this jam is still dance floor certified. There is no question Alvin Risk is playing around in a world he wants to change, and the EP is clearly a step in a brand new direction. Where that evolution lands him--and the rest of the industry writ large--is up in the air. Download JunkFood on Alvin Risk’s website for free.

Tags: ElectroHouse