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Favorite ThisAlpha Data's 'Epic' April Fool's Day Prank

Published: April 1, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

James Ristvedt never takes himself too seriously. So it comes as no surprise that he'd setup an elaborate April Fool's Day prank for his fans. This morning, the bass and glitch producer Alpha Data announced I recently heard, for the first time, a song I'm told was called "Levels." The song was amazing and changed my very life! I decided that while making bass music is fun and all, my true calling is making progressive house music! And so, on this day of all days, I unveil to the world my brand new EP, The Anthems!

The first clue should have been that he just heard "Levels." As a successful, touring act who is actually on the road currently with Robotic Pirate Monkey and Kicks n Licks (as well as Freddy Todd and R/D on certain dates), there is no doubt he's heard Avicii's towering hit from a year ago roughly six hundred times from acts big and small.

That being said, the prog house tunes released by Alpha Data aren't too bad. In fact, they'd fit right into a house set, and nobody needs to know they're part of a joke. Most of Ristvedt's fans seem to be getting the joke, anyway, and not really turned off by the music at all. Who knows, maybe he made a couple of house fans. At any rate, we're not expecting Alpha Data to drop any of these on his upcoming tour dates, but you never know. They're pretty "Epic."


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