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Favorite ThisAlpha Data: Archive Data (Volume 1)

Published: November 27, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Free download on Alpha Data's Facebook page:

Alpha Data (James Ristvedt) is a music-making machine. His engines are revving and continue to stay well oiled, so we can keep bumping those fresh ass tunes. His newest release is actually a collection of tracks that never saw the light of day, but are now getting the chance to fill eardrums across the country. This is round one of a series called Archive Data, giving fans a look into the steady stream of mind-boggling tracks from Ristvedt.

First up is “I’m a Computer,” which blasts open with effervescent synths, floor rattling glitch tones, and mood-shifting snare hits. Not to mention classic quotes from the well-known series of animated G.I. Joe videos, stating “Hey kid, I’m a computer, stop all the downloading” throughout the song. An ironic statement, since Mr. Data is graciously handing these tracks out for free.

“For Tea, Two” is classic Alpha Data material. He continues to develop his unique style of bass music, which pulls obvious influence from Egyptian culture. Your mind state will quickly travel to the pyramids of old, while dreaming of a time when pharaohs ruled the land.

“Not Safe For Work” is an immersive anthem containing consistently dance-worthy drum patterns, psychedelic instrumentations, and the ability to breech your deepest emotions. The track meshes elements of multiple genres, effortlessly creating something unique and worth diving into.

Alpha Data is on the come up, and he’s got a slew of releases under his belt to prove it. Ristvedt’s recent EP gives us an insight into his unstoppable progression, while letting us know there’s still a lot more to come.

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